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Engineering | Fulton Engineering Education Outreach

Arizona FIRST® LEGO® League

State Championship Information


2019-2020 Arizona State Championship

Arizona State University, Memorial Union, 2nd Floor
301 E Orange St.
Tempe, AZ 85281
Saturday, January 18th, 2020 & Sunday, January 19th, 2020

Congratulations to all teams for a successful season! If you are looking for pictures from the event, here is the link to the Saturday and Sunday photos, courtesy of Kagan Photography.

Saturday Results

Judges Award: Rising Star 6639 Technical Difficulties
Presentation Award 41970 botCatz
Innovative Solution Award 21294 Jefferson Cyborgs
Research Award 23263 Robo Tigers Blue
Strategy and Innovation Award 45987 Brickmasters
Mechanical Design Award 48284 RoBobs
Programming Award 4723 Robo Roscos
Gracious Professionalism Award 46032 It’s Going to be Okay
Inspiration Award 47860 Six Scoops of Awesomeness
Teamwork Award 11611 Franklin Robotics #1
Robot Showcase 6639 Technical Difficulties (365 points)
Robot Performance 25932 Mechanical Mustangs (415 points) 1st Place
46032 It’s Going to be Okay (395 points) 2nd Place
40024 Programming Pups (365 points) 3rd Place
Youth Mentor Award Wes Larson, 41970 botCatz
Coach Mentor Award Kristin Law, 45987 Brickmaster
Outstanding Volunteer Award Russ Harris
Champion’s Award 25952 Mechanical Mustangs 1st Place
27629 Cheyenne Roadrunners 2nd Place
4671 Creative Conduits 3rd Place
Global Innovation Award 25952 Mechanical Mustangs

Sunday Results

Judges Award: Rising Star 44386 Mighty Minions
Presentation Award 39093 Flying Purple People Eaters
Innovative Solution Award 41110 Seven Safety Sergeants
Research Award 47742 Poloma DAGS
Strategy and Innovation Award 45227 Waybright B.O.B.S
Mechanical Design Award 5155 City Shaders
Programming Award 39870 Space Ninjas
Gracious Professionalism Award 5156 Red Light Redemption
Inspiration Award 40982 Bubble Guppies
Teamwork Award 19443 Robobcats
Robot Showcase 39870 Space Ninjas (375 points)
Robot Performance 10033 Thunderbots (445 points) 1st Place
45293 Tiborgs (445 points) 2nd Place
5155 City Shaders (440 points 3rd Place
Coach Mentor Award Karen Sanchez, 17098, Community Team 2
Outstanding Volunteer Award Rob Mainieri
Champion’s Award 3672 Catholic Master Builders 1st Place
3086 Beep Patrol 2nd Place
46735 Fidgety Pokemon 3rd Place
Global Innovation Award 46735 Fidgety Pokemon

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