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Common Forms

The forms listed below are commonly used across FIRST LEGO League programs; however, some may be specific to a program or tournament venue. If you have any questions about which forms you may need to fill out, please contact us at


Medical Incident Report Form A form for medical incidents that occur at official FIRST events, such as qualifiers or state championships. Your team may adapt this form for use at team meetings. Link to Doc
Non-Medical Incident Report Form A form that can be used for any concern, ranging from or related to volunteer issues, venue issues, Code of Conduct issues, or Youth Protection issues. Submission is sent confidentially to FIRST. Link to Form


Consent and Release Forms Parents will receive an email after being invited by a lead coach or mentor from their FIRST Dashboard. FAQ
Robot Design Worksheet Teams are encouraged, but not required, to bring a completed copy of the robot design worksheet for their robot judging session. Link to Doc
Remote Reffing Guidance * Updated February 2021 * Contains information about how to film the robot game matches. Link to PDF
Robot Game Rulebook Details about the robot game missions and its rules are listed here; this link may be out-of-date, so be sure to check the FIRST LEGO League website for the latest version. Link to PDF
Judging Session Overview Remote events will use this process for the remote judging sessions. For the RePLAY season, the three judging categories will be combined into one session. Link to PDF
Judging Session Rubrics Rubrics for the RePLAY season have been updated to accomodate for remote events. Link to PDF


Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Agreement Required for some volunteer roles. Your volunteer coordinator will reach out and specify whether this is required. Link to PDF
Youth Protection Program Screening All individuals over the age of eighteen are required to complete Youth Protection Screening when volunteering at an event or mentoring a team. Link to Info
Walk-On Event Volunteer Policy Individuals who are volunteering without registering online must bring this form to the volunteer coordinator on the first day of the tournament. Link to PDF